UPDATE 3/23/20 after the press conference:

Governor Hogan is ordering the closure of all non-essential businesses effective at 5pm TODAY.

This is NOT a shelter-in-place order. However, we are URGING Marylanders to STAY HOME as much as possible. If you don’t need to leave your neighborhood, you should not leave your neighborhood.

More coming later today will full details

I watch the Coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers daily in the U.S., in Maryland and in Howard County. I watch what is happening in areas around us (states and counties). I have a feeling (and yep…this is 100% a feeling) that a “stay-at-home” order may be coming soon to Maryland.

According to Worldometers (a site I watch daily) the U.S. had 9,339 new cases yesterday and 117 deaths (both numbers are the highest one day numbers for the U.S. so far during this outbreak). The U.S. now has the 3rd most total cases in the world and the 6th most total deaths as of today:

Yesterday the State of Delaware issued a “stay-at home” order: Stay-at-home order issued in Delaware starting Tuesday

In Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf: Enforcement of “non-life-sustaining” business closures in PA starts at 8 a.m. Monday

It is easy to think that Maryland is next in line to implement a similar type of restriction on residents. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said the following yesterday “…it’s a little crazy to see the kind of crowds at the cherry blossoms. I mean, people have to listen. Those people that are out there, you are endangering not only yourselves but your fellow citizens by not listening to these warnings.”

That alone tells me that the Governor is annoyed that people are not listening and he may take actions in order to protect the residents of this state.

The news from the White House last night was very concerning:

30,000 positive results out of 250,000 tests…that is a 12% positive rate of those tested (if those numbers are accurate). That is a very scary stat (at least to me).

Governor Larry Hogan has a press conference scheduled for 11:00am today. I will 100% be listening to what announcements he makes today.

What might a “stay at home” order mean for Maryland…well, here is what Louisiana put out with their stay at home order (information shared by a friend):

Here is another image shared from a friend (that looks like it was taken from TV):

I think it is funny that “Liquor Stores” are essential businesses in that graphic.

This post is not to panic or freak out readers…but to inform you. Plus it is an opportunity to remind you to continue to practice social distancing before you are forced to do so.

Stay tuned…I will have a couple of updates later in the day about the new Maryland and Howard County numbers (around 10:00am) and what the Governor announces after his press conference (after 11:00am).

Scott E


  1. Reading this, I searched on what does total lockdown look like and got this perspective from Foreign Policy Magazine, March 18, 2020 which I think give an international perspective: “Sorry, America, the Full Lockdown Is Coming 0 Politicians won’t admit it yet, but it’s time to prepare—physically and psychologically—for a sudden stop to all life outside your home.” BY LAURIE GARRETT at

    See also this local resource by someone I know and trust: http://bit.ly/covid19-HoCo

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