Noted in the press release from Maryland Governor Larry Hogan earlier today:

DELIVERY AND CARRY-OUT OF ALCOHOL: Governor Hogan has issued an emergency order that allows for delivery and carry-out sales of alcohol by restaurants, bars, distilleries, and wineries, subject to liquor laws and other conditions imposed by local alcoholic beverage authorities. Read the emergency order.

You can watch the full press conference here:

Now I have to try and convince The Merriweather Post to update their cool “List of Columbia (and other HoCo) Restaurants offering Takeout/Delivery” and add those offering alcohol takeout and deliveries. That could be a very useful tool in the future for some.

I saw something about the Howard County Council may need to take some action for this to happen locally…but I do not have confirmation of that as of this post. It is something I will look into soon.

Scott E


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