The following tweets were sent out by Mike Ricci (Communications Director for Governor Larry Hogan):

Maryland #COVIDー19 update for this morning: -Today’s daily count from @MDHealthDept shows that we have *26* confirmed cases. So we’ve added 11 to the count since our last report. To date, we have no deaths, and no cases reported among children.

-Some of these results came through the lab at Hopkins, so as expected, we continue to ramp up testing around the state.

-County and local officials will continue to provide information regarding specific cases.


So no information on where (counties) the new cases are located.

If that information is released at some point I will update this post.

Here is a story from Fox Baltimore:

Maryland Department of Health has been updating this page: with information. They had a map on the page earlier this morning but that has been removed now (I wonder why).

Howard County Health Department has not provided an update since confirmed case #17…so not sure if any of the new cases are Howard County related or not yet.

Stay tuned as Scott E’s Blog will continue to track updates the best I can.

Scott E