I was in the area of 8850 Stanford Blvd for a work meeting (I swear I was there for a work meeting) and noticed many Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services (HCDFRS) vehicles…and was happy I had my camera in the truck.

There were so many firefighters and trucks in the parking lot I thought something serious was going on at that building. Then I noticed the Hazmat trailer and go very curious about what was going on…what would require the need for the Hazmat trailer? Hmmm….

I talked with one of the firefighters in the parking lot and called into the on-call HCDFRS PIO and was told it was not a big deal. A couple of laptop batteries malfunctioned and that is why HCDFRS was contacted.

The reason so many units responded was that they were conducting training near by (Laurel area I believe) and it was an opportunity for them to respond to the incident.

So in the end…nothing big to report here. If you were in that area and saw all of the Howard County Fire Department resources…hope this helps explain why.

If you want to see all of the photos I took…here they are: (click the photo below to view all images on Facebook)

Scott E