I was able to attend the Howard County Board of Education candidate meet and greet on March 7th…and even brought out my kid to help with taking photos of the candidates and attendees. By all indications it was a successful event with 13 of the 16 active candidates running for HoCoBOE in 2020 attending and a good number of attendees to meet with the candidates.

Here is a listing of candidates that attended the event:

  • Matthew D. Molyett (D1)
  • Larry Pretlow (D2)
  • James Cecil (D2)
  • Antonia Barkley Watts (D2)
  • Gian P Alfeo (D3)
  • Jolene Mosley (D3)
  • Kirsten Coombs (D4)
  • Matt Levine (D4)
  • Sezin Palmer (D4)
  • Jen Mallo (D4)
  • Saif Rehman (D5)
  • Cindy Vaillancourt (D5)
  • Yun Lu (D5)

Here are photos from the event: (Click image to view all images on Facebook)


Here is a video posted by IONHoCo on Facebook from the event yesterday:

I want to thank all of the event co-sponsors: IONHoCo, Forward Maryland, Howard County Neighbors United, HoCo Kids, HoCo Families for Education Improvement and Chinese American Political Association PAC for helping promote this event. I also want to thank Alphabets Montessori School for allowing the event happen at their location. Finally a special thank you to Pravin Ponnuri for taking the lead on acquiring the space for the event and getting things setup for the event yesterday.

There are MANY candidate events coming up. Here is the listing of public events I am aware of at this time:

As I learn about more upcoming events I will be sure to let you know and update the listing above.

Scott E


  1. Where was this event? Just looking at the background wall colors makes me sick. I feel like I am in a loony center. Those institutional mental ward colors are too stark to start thinking of a vote choice.

    Besides I think the BOE has become too powerful and wields too much clout. These guys need to be accordingly given only what their mandated nothing more… nothing less.

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