Maryland State Senator Katie Fry Hester states she will vote In opposition to “a Sales and Use Tax on labors and services around the State of Maryland” if it makes it to the Senate

A blog reader saw my earlier post about “Delegate Courtney Watson states “I will be voting no on the expansion of sales tax if it comes to the floor” and then forwarded me an email from Maryland State Senator Katie Fry Hester (District 9) on the same topic. Here is the content of the email sent out this morning around 9:00am:


Things are moving fast here in Annapolis! Our office is getting lots of calls and emails, and we are doing our best to respond as quickly as possible.

There has been an enormous amount of concern around taxes. On Monday, the Ways and Means Committee heard HB1628 to levy a Sales and Use Tax on labors and services around the State of Maryland. This bill was introduced in the House fairly late into session. However, if it does make its way to the Senate, I will vote in opposition to this legislation.

While the first three years of the #Blueprint4MD is already paid for, the Senate Budget & Tax Committee is looking at multiple new revenue sources to fund the improvements to our education system. Additionally, Senator Feldman’s and Delegate Kathleen Dumais’ legislation (SB223/HB185) would create a commission to do a big-picture review of our tax system (which hasn’t been done in about 30 years!).

I’m committed to critically evaluating these proposals, and building an education system that puts our kids first. It’s not going to be easy, but we are working hard to make it work for you!


Katie Fry Hester


Here is a link to the email blast sent out by MailChimp.

I am going to post below what I posted in the previous article on this topic:

I could not be more happy than to see this statement from a representative from Howard County. I hope other representatives from Howard County (and across the state) join Senator Hester and Delegate Watson in opposing this legislation that would hurt small businesses and residents of all income levels.

If you want to learn more about this sales tax legislation (and my opinions of it)…check out this article: Sales Tax Proposed On Professional Services In Maryland

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has been sharing images on social media about this sales tax…read about that here:  Governor Larry Hogan shares images about the proposed sales tax legislation on professional services in Maryland

Stay tuned….I am regularly checking the social media accounts of our elected officials to see in any others give an opinion on this topic.

So far that is 2 of the 12 (in Howard County) that have come out publicly against this legislation. We can probably guess that the two Republicans in District 9 (Kittleman and Miller) are also opposed to this legislation. Still no official word from members of Team 12 or Team 13 (that I have seen yet).

I hope Senator Hester or others in Annapolis gives similar statements on the following topic in the near future: Targeted Punitive Tax on Digital Advertising Services In Maryland

Scott E

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