Photo via Howard County Executive Calvin Ball Facebook Page

Here is information about Howard County Innovation Week via Howard County Executive Calvin Ball’s Facebook page:

On March 2nd:

This week, we are celebrating Howard County Innovation Week by awarding eight grants, totaling $225,000, to local organizations for innovative ideas, projects, and programs! Throughout the week, we will be highlighting the grantees.

Howard County Government is working with local entrepreneur, Dr. Anuja Sonalker, CEO of STEER, to create a more innovative and efficient government. They are currently working with Howard County Economic Development Authority to use the $30,000 grant to pilot autonomous vehicles with the goal of increasing efficiency in our inspections process.

Also, congratulations to our Howard County Department of Community Resources and Services and the Howard County Library System who will be using their $16,270 grant to launch and test new, two-way advanced language interpretation devices in certain locations to create immediate ease for those with limited English proficiency. Thank you to Jackie Scott, Director of DCRS, and Tonya Aiken, CEO of HCLS.

On March 3rd:


On the second day of Howard County Innovation Week, we are proud to highlight two nonprofits whose innovations can be game changers for workforce.

Howard County is home to many individuals living with autism who have unique assets to bring to the workforce. Howard County Autism Society is using their $10,000 grant to create a comprehensive program to develop a workforce pipeline across the county with our local businesses.

Humanim understands the value of Direct Service Professionals and the need to launch a business ownership model that has not been done in the state or region. $50,000 was awarded to create a comprehensive model that can be an exemplar for the nation as this profession is overdue for innovation.

Please join me in congratulating Howard County Autism Society and Humanim for their boldness in promoting a neurodiverse and thriving workforce.


Scott E