Delegate Courtney Watson (District 9B) posted the following statement on Facebook today:

There’s been a lot of discussion about a proposal to expand the sales tax to services. I sat in on the public hearing on Monday and listened to testimony which confirmed my initial feeling about the bill. I support the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future that will modernize teaching and learning in our schools, but I will not support the current sales tax proposal because I don’t think it’s been studied enough for us to understand the implications on the economy and our residents. I will be voting no on the expansion of sales tax if it comes to the floor, although I will support a study on the topic. I will evaluate other revenue raising proposals as they come forward. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. (Note the original version of this post had to be deleted because of a technical error with Facebook).


I could not be more happy than to see this statement from a representative from Howard County. I hope other representatives from Howard County (and across the state) join Delegate Watson in opposing this legislation that would hurt small businesses and residents of all income levels.


If you want to learn more about this sales tax legislation (and my opinions of it)…check out this article: Sales Tax Proposed On Professional Services In Maryland

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has been sharing images on social media about this sales tax…read about that here:  Governor Larry Hogan shares images about the proposed sales tax legislation on professional services in Maryland

Stay tuned….I am regularly checking the social media accounts of our elected officials to see in any others give an opinion on this topic.

I hope Delegate Watson or others in Annapolis gives similar statements on the following topic in the near future: Targeted Punitive Tax on Digital Advertising Services In Maryland

Scott E


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