Chinese American Political Association PAC announces endorsements for 2020 BOE election

The following was posted on Facebook today from the Chinese American Political Association, PAC:

CAPA PAC is excited to announce our endorsements for 2020 BOE election. Our endorsed candidates are:
– Christina Delmont-Small in District 1
– Sezin Palmer in District 4
– Dr. Yun Lu in district 5
The endorsement statements for these 3 candidates are posted on our website.

CAPA PAC selected these candidates based on information collected from candidates’ responses to our Questionnaire and their responses to questions posed at candidate forums as well as a variety of other credible sources. Our endorsement criteria for BOE candidate include

– The candidate advocates for core values shared by Asian Americans including, but not limited to, diversity and inclusion, strong families and communities, responsible government, education excellence, and individual responsibility.
– The candidate is committed to improving education for every student, and valuing evidence based and data driven decision making over ideology.
– The candidate possesses intellectual curiosity, as well as willingness and ability to learn multiple aspects of HCPSS operations and priorities. A candidate’s knowledge of HCPSS operations would be a plus.
– The candidate has a track record of community service, including advocacy/service within HCPSS.
– The candidate has demonstrated ability and temperament to work collaboratively with others, and has the potential to establish a cordial working relationship with other board members as well as officials in other government agencies, e.g., county and state government.

CAPA PAC is committed to help Ms. Delmont-Small, Ms. Palmer and Dr. Lu to be successfully elected to Howard County Board of Ed.


Scott E

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  1. Scott, thanks so much for posting this information. I’ll tell my friends to avoid voting for anyone endorsed by this xenophobic group. Clarence Lam would do well to disengage from this group or risk being tethered to it.

    By the way, I live in District 4. Jenn Mello will get my vote. I don’t agree with her on everything but I know she cares about the Common Good, is basically an honest person and promotes the General Welfare.

    I have been told that you are fairly conservative but appreciate your production of this blog. Thank you.


    • Ann- Clearly racism is fine with you as long as it is directed against Chinese-Americans. So ironic that you mention xenophobia. ‍♂️


    • Ann, and I have been told that you are a racist. But thanks for posting the comments. I would say Jenn Mello (no such person running for BOE) would do better to not tether with likes of you.


  2. The stated core values of Asian Americans expressed by the CAPA PAC are values shared by all families in this county. Disagreement between groups is rooted in the way these values are implemented. As demonstrated in recent redistricting testimony, this group of parents supports inclusion and diversity ….. if the students are affluent and not economically challenged; supports strong families and communities ….. as long as the desires of their families and communities are met first; supports responsible government ….. as long as government caters to their families first; supports educational excellence ….. as long as a disproportionate share of education resources are directed to their children; supports individual responsibility …… unless additional resources, provided by government and administered by the HCPSS, are desired for their children. Same old, same old tactic used for decades. This group uses the undertones of negative racial stereotyping to finagle and justify greater education benefit and a greater share of education resources at the expense of other groups labeled as “undeserving”. I will not vote for any BOE candidate the group endorses.

    As an aside, it is also interesting that the Asian groups in Ho Co automatically cry racism if another person or group disagrees with their positions or goals.


    • So . . . clearly you are not a racist, right. Those Asians . . . how dare they cry racism when people stereotype them, see them as one monolith with no individuality, and deliberately misstate their testimony and views on education.


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