HoCoBOE Candidates Attend Howard County Republican Club Meeting on February 27th

There was a Howard County Republican Club meeting on February 27th and the club invited Howard County Board of Education candidates to attend (I do not know if all candidates were invited or some candidates). It appears based on the photos I have seen this morning the following candidates attended: Saif Rehman – district 5, Yun Lu – District 5, Matt Levine – District 4 and Sezin Palmer – District 4.

Here is the post with photos on Facebook:

I did not find out about this meeting until it was to late to get in on my calendar to attend. I would have been very interested to hear the questions and discussions.

I am torn on how I feel about local political clubs and political organizations getting involved in the HoCoBOE race.

On one hand outreach to as many people is wonderful for candidates and candidates should all take every opportunity to meet with voters…and political clubs and organizations have every right to invite anyone to their meetings.

On the other hand do we want political clubs and organizations playing a significant role in the Board of Education election process?

I really do not want the HoCoBOE election to be about right vs left politics. I want to know about the backgrounds of the candidates, what do they believe would be best going forward and how will they best serve our community in the role of a board member in Howard County. I also understand that not everyone will agree with me.

I know…a silly dream to think that partisan politics wont play some role in this election…but one can dream.

I know this…if the various Democratic clubs in Howard County now schedule HoCoBOE candidate events and people lose their minds over it on social media…I have this post right here to remind them it is happening on both sides of the political spectrum.

My recommendation…get to know all you can about all HoCoBOE candidates before the primary in April of 2020 and make the choice you think is best for our county.

If you want an updated list of upcoming forums and event…check out this post:  Listing of Howard County Board of Education Candidate Forums and Events in 2020

Scott E

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  1. Scott,

    Can you clarify if this was scheduled to happen during a Board of Education meeting? It seems like it must have been given that there was a meeting last night and that it went quite long. And an important one that finally discussed bullying, from what I hear. (I had to leave after the one on sprinkles, which was also good an important.)



  2. For me, it depends on a) who was invited, and b) what was the goal of the meeting. If ALL candidates were invited, and this was nothing more than a “meet and greet”, don’t see a problem here.


  3. “On the other hand do we want political clubs and organizations playing a significant role in the Board of Education election process?“

    Do you actually believe that the MD Democratic Party doesn’t have a ton of influence in which BOE candidates get support? Have you looked at where many of the (D) politicians in the MD general assembly and HC county council got their start in politics/elected office?


  4. The more exposure for Board Candidates, the better. It requires focus and really does keep participants more true to their original message when they are accountable to all types of citizen groups, be they partisan, environmental, religious, union, educational, etc. What really is now disenfranchising is that we can vote for only one person.


  5. Uh cough cough,
    Let me interject here with my 2 cents please Mi Amigo.
    First of all I think you answered your own rhetoric question regarding the influence. It goes both ways in a biparty system so am not too excited either way, besides would you rather have republican citizen parents vs big money developers influencing politics?. (Well maybe not yours since they can buy you with their ads if it came down to that * wink wink*) If anything, my personal opinion is its good for candidates to have a “balanced” view of their citizenry especially since lets be honest Hoco like MD leans very liberal or as the blues call it “progressive” whatever that means. Theoretically a candidate who can differentiate themselves by appealing to a purpler segment WILL win more votes when others are just saying the same party talking points and fighting over the same votes.

    Also this election is very different from previous ones as anyone who has not been living under a rock in the county knows. There is heavy parental activism and participation after this BOE board bungled things up. Lets also not forget that same BOE was virtually all progressive liberal democrats. Look how well that served the county. Typically the republicans wouldnt be as bold to ask and even get candidates show up for their forums for fear they may be viewed as stray leaders. But now they smell blood knowing the democratic house is in turmoil. From the national level thwacking Biden and his establishment dems have received to the local level coup when voters ignored the establishment choice of Cummings widow to run for our district. Then you have the BOE establishment looking very vulnerable. Either way you calculate it translates for a win for repubs as it gives them more talking points to fire up not just their base, but also any purple undecided minds who usually carry the race. So they are wisely following their political instincts (and campaign staffers) when they pander to as wide a base as possible. Its going to be fireworks out there in the polls coming April and Nov.


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