Photo credit: Howard County Executive Calvin Ball’s Facebook page

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball posted the following on Facebook today relating to the visit from chef Gordon Ramsay in Ellicott City:

This week, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his team brought excitement and much-needed resources to Historic Ellicott City. Over the course of several days, Ramsay’s crew in partnership with hundreds of volunteers worked nonstop to renovate, clean, and beautify our beloved historic Main Street.

This has been an incredible week in town. We are so thankful that Chef Ramsay saw how special Ellicott City is and chose to visit our amazing historic town. It is our hope that every business and resident in town benefits from the national exposure the town will receive in the future. #LoveOEC

Delegate (District 9B) Courtney Watson also posted the following on Facebook today:

This afternoon I was able to be in Ellicott City to see the reveal of all the secret work that’s been happening this magical week. I listened to Gordon Ramsay accurately describe our town, the town he said he now feels a part of. He said he knew right away there was some hurt still, but that overpowering this was hope and community. He talked about neighbors helping neighbors and I remembered back to the aftermath of both floods and how the whole county came to help. He talked about the resiliency of our people and the bright future ahead. He complimented our business owners and said they inspired him. His company has helped rebrand and renovate three establishments: The Pheonix (now The Pheonix Brewing Co) Little Market Cafe and Jaxon Edwards (now Jaxon Edwards Social House). He brought internationally famous designer, Nate Berkus, to town and he lent his design skills to create three beautiful windows about our past, present, and future. And he left us message on those windows and signed his name. There is new landscaping and flowers, and a whole lot of people with smiles in town. Ellicott City, you deserve the magic of this week, you are well loved and now so many more people will know about the town when the show airs – stay tuned for that date, but later this year. Hearts are full in old EC. Come see why. #LoveOEC #stronger9B #working4md


The Baltimore Sun / Howard County Times released the following article “Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay reveals new Phoenix Brewing Co., two other renovations in Ellicott City” where they note renovations to  three establishments: Phoenix Brewing Co., Little Market Cafe and Jaxon Edwin, a barbershop/coffee bar/game room on Main Street.

Glad to have some additional information on the happenings in OEC.

Looking forward to checking out all of the improvements…and I will be sure to watch the episode when it airs on TV. Stay tuned…when I find out when it will be on TV I will be sure to let my blog readers know.

Scott E


  1. Lol, so now even Gordon Ramsey owns a piece of Howard County? Seems the bidding just keeps going on to the highest or rather most connected bidder. Why does our CE have to pose as if he has just seen been awarded knighthood? That body language though is like Ramsey cant even eke out a smile and is curling away from Ball. And those looking up as if its the coming of a savior back to earth. Its just a chef hawking his 3 restaurants in the byways of Main street old Ellicott City.

    I love Ramseys diplomacy reading between the lines “He said he knew right away there was some hurt still”, (Wow, right away?? perhaps he has been reading about the way developers/politicians have been screwing HOCO residents with forced school redistricting or can read faces) ” but that overpowering this was hope” Oh yes, that’s the perfect pitch to keep the sheeple dangling – Hope . When theres no evidence or reality is about to hit you like a ton of bricks only thing you left with is hope. That’s what kept his fellow brits in EU till they said enough is enough.
    Hey Gordon, you are a no-BS straight shooter why don’t you go help your fellow Englishmen rebuild UK. Hoco is more hype than substance and like old EC, is only going to get uglier in the future.

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