Governor Larry Hogan has been active on social media sharing information about the proposed sales tax legislation on professional services in Maryland (HB 1628). Many have asked for a listing of services that would be affected by this legislation. Generally we get the answer that the list is to long to create a full listing of every service that would be affected by this legislation but you can go check out the things that would be exempted:

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The Governor has been sharing images on social media to give you some examples services that would be taxed if this legislation passes: (note – all images below obtained from Governor Larry Hogan Facebook Page)


These are some of the images shared on the Governor’s Facebook page since February 22nd….I would bet we will be getting more examples in the future.

Netflix and Hulu…really. I need to look more into that one to see if that is correct. If those are included I guess all streaming TV services would also be included…like Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, Sling TV and many more…again…I need to research that item a bit more to know for sure.

I did an update on the blog recently “Day Care Appears To Be Exempt From Proposed Sales Tax Legislation On Professional Services In Marylandfor those that were concerned about that issue.

I would add a few items that matter to me…Website Design, Website Updates, Website Maintenance, Social Media Management and Social Media Consulting. Just some of the services offered by ScottE Software would all be taxed. I stand strong against this legislation. This would hurt my small business and I will in no way support this legislation as it is right now.

If legislators in Annapolis want to go after the large businesses that can afford to pay more money…and that money be designated to pay for schools…well maybe…but this legislation targets all businesses and will be most hurtful to small businesses in Maryland.

That is my 2 cents this morning. I am sure I will have much more on this legislation in the future.

Scott E