Gordon Ramsay is in Ellicott City apparently taping a show for “24 Hours to Hell and Back”. Maybe the worst held local secret ever. (or maybe it is not for that show…apparently…based on me getting blown up on social media over saying that).

WBAL had this story recently “Business owners react to Chef Gordon Ramsay filming show in Ellicott City“.

Why all of the secrecy behind this taping of an episode? Is that just the norm for this stuff…I seriously do not know.

I am a big fan of chef Ramsay and his shows…I never miss an episode of Hell’s Kitchen. I watch Kitchen Nightmares. I do not know much about 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

The amount of secrecy concerns and annoys me a bit. It is awesome that Chef Ramsay is in our neck of the woods…but I wonder why no one can talk about it.


The county has been SUPER hush on what is happening. This does not feel very “transparent” to me. Maybe the thought of national attention is greater than letting the community know what is going on.

If / when this show airs on national TV…I will watch it. It will be great to see a place we all know be on one of Chef Ramsay’s shows…I just wish we had more insight now to what is really going on.

By the way…if this is a taping of “24 Hours to Hell and Back”…why is main street messed up of for this long? I mean…it already seems much more than 24 hours for all of this stuff and does not appear to be ending soon. I guess you can call a show and make it what you want it to be anything these days.

I seriously hope Chef Ramsay does not see this blog post. I can not image the number of bad words he would say about it…LOL!!!

Scott E


  1. I worked across the street from Top Chef when it was in DC. Chefs walked behind the warehouses on the railroad tracks to move from one location to the next. They don’t want spoilers, and crowds.
    I managed to get Padma’s autograph on her last day in town.

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