Video And Photos From The HoCoBOE Candidate Forum On February 24th

The People’s Voice – Ethics Ballot and Howard County Citizens Association – HCCA hosted a Howard County Board of Education Candidate Forum on February 24th for candidates running in Districts 4 and 5.

Here is a listing of candidates that did or did not attend:

District 4

  • Kirsten Coombs – yes
  • Matt Levine – yes
  • Sezin Palmer – yes
  • Mike Sheer – no
  • Jen Mallo – no
  • Daniel J. Margolis – no

District 5:

  • Saif Rehman – yes
  • Cindy Vaillancourt – no
  • Yun Lu – yes
  • Gene Ryan – yes

Here are the photos I got at the event: (click image below to see all photos)

The event was live streamed on Facebook on the Scott E’s Blog Facebook page:

The numbers for the live stream on Facebook were awesome…here are the numbers as of this morning:

  • Over 5,200 people reached
  • More that 1,800 engagements
  • Video shared 19 times
  • Around 2,300 views

Yes folks…Howard County is very engaged in this election.

I downloaded the video off of Facebook and put it up on YouTube. It is a bit grainy (that is what you get with Facebook live stream videos)…but the audio is pretty good for those that have not seen or heard it yet:

The next candidate forum happens today at 6:15pm at the Elkridge Library. This will be for candidates running in districts 1, 2 and 3. Learn more:

Scott E

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One comment

  1. I am in District 4 and can tell you from the grapevine its either Levine, Palmer or Margolis race to lose. Word is anything BUT Mallo or Coombs.
    Mallo is that 2 timing sneaky carpet bagger styled politician that has caused a lot of neighborhood disruption and untold family grief. Separating family siblings into 2 separate schools for the sake of “diversity”, arbitrarily dividing communities and violating citizen’s rights while claiming to speak for ALL? Isnt that the epitome of oxymoronic speak?

    Note her and her crocodile-teared Coombs buddy and other crooked BOE threw out the professional redistricting plan for their own benefit and ulterior motives. FARM kids be damned- there’s nothing in the plan to even hold the redistricting move accountable for raising these FARM kids scores or even a timeline – just feel good politics driven by her rich developer sponsors. It reduced taxpaying citizens and their children into polygons and set off an embarrassing hunger-games style battle pitting one polygon vs the other just to veer off this redistricting train wreck. Then she has the audacity to claim to speak for ALL… Many a voter on both ends of the redistricting spectrum cant wait to vote her off and restore sanity and civility into the county. mark my words…


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