Howard County Neighbors United (HCNU) dropped a lot of videos from the candidate forum from the Howard County Board of Education candidates that attended the forum on February 16th.

Now I am not going to share every video they share..but will give you links here to some videos and a link to view all of the videos shared by HCNU. Here is that link to all of the videos of candidates answering questions:

Here are some of the videos shared from candidates that attended the event:

District 1:

Christina Delmont-Small

District 2:

Larry Pretlow

District 3:

Gian Alfeo

District 4:

Sezin Palmer

Kirsten Coombs

Matt Levine

Mike Sheer

My hope is that in the near future some of the videos from the district 5 candidates that attended the meeting will also be posted by this group or another group.

The videos above were chosen kind of at random…but be sure to watch them all here if interested in learning a little more about these candidates:

Scott E


  1. Thank you for keeping us informed as we learn about all the BOE candidates. I am attending all forums!

  2. I have known Jack Guarneri for well over a decade. He is a retired APL engineer, a graduate of the Naval Academy, a bike enthusiast, a husband, a father and grandfather who is civically involved. In fact, we spoke yesterday at the Columbia Athletics Club about the right wing bent of some of current BOE candidates. Jack is smart, articulate AND definitely NOT crazy.

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