Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open at Miller Branch Library Site

County Executive Calvin Ball today announced the completion of new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Miller Branch Library complex in Ellicott City. This is the first of several planned sites to add electric vehicle charging in partnership with Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE). As part of the We’re Still In commitment to combat climate change, Howard County pledged to add at least 25 electric vehicle stations in Howard County public spaces by 2024.

The new chargers include one fast charger (DCFS) and two Level 2 chargers. Each level two charger has two ports, allowing two cars to charge simultaneously. BGE installed the chargers at no cost to the County and will be responsible for maintenance.

“Adding EV charging in partnership with BGE allows Howard County to install this emerging technology at no cost to taxpayers,” said County Executive Calvin Ball. “Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment for all Howard County residents. Now is the time to add EV infrastructure to our community – a testament to our ability to be innovative as we adapt to our changing climate.”

EV charging customers will pay $0.18 per kWh to charge on BGE’s EVsmart Level 2 chargers and $0.34 per kWh to charge on BGE’s EVsmart DC Fast Chargers. To use the BGE EVsmart chargers, download the Greenlots mobile app or scan the QR code on the chargers. Customers can also use Greenlots RFID cards to initiate charging sessions or pay via credit card by calling 855-900-PLUG (7584).

For further information about electric vehicles, visit https://livegreenhoward.com/electric-vehicles/ or contact the Office of Community Sustainability at 410-313-0700.


Note – the photo in the article is not a photo of the charging stations at Miller Branch Library Site.

Scott E

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  1. There may be 85 kids in your child’s third grade class, but hey – you can charge your car at the library.

    Way to set those priorities Calvin!


  2. Um, way to exaggerate there, Robert.

    I think building up the infrastructure for EV charging is a forward-thinking move to improve the resilience of our community and encourages the movement away from fossil fuels, THE essential element of reducing the rate of future climate change. But I have to admit, 99% of my charging is at home overnight when my costs are lower!


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