Here is information I have been provided from another wonderful organization providing food and materials for the children in our school system:

Linda’s Giving Basket focuses on closing the food insecurity gap and other shortages such as school materials and basic supplies for some of our needy children in Howard County, MD. We opened our first of Linda’s Giving Baskets at Lake Elkhorn Middle School this week and hope to expand soon. We aim to provide food and school supplies to children and their families who are struggling to obtain healthy food and proper materials. Our pantry is a more broadly focused traditional food pantry that goes beyond basic school snacks and supplies in targeted schools with exceptionally high needs. We focus holistically on the gap these students have both in and out of school.

We do this by directly partnering with HCPSS schools so that children have direct access to their supplies without having to go elsewhere. This solves the struggles of transportation as well as determining which community resources have specific hours to obtain their basic needs. While food banks and other resources are open all over the county, they may not be open during hours or locations in which these children and their families can reach. This eliminates this concern by allowing kids to acquire items at their own school.

Please support this effort by bringing materials on the list below to the event where Linda’s Giving Basket will be at (more on that coming soon), where they will be collected and delivered directly to the pantry located within a public school in Howard County.

Pantry Food List

Pasta Sauces (no glass containers)
Individual soup servings
Individual mac n cheese servings
Individual chilis/stews
Individual Chef Boyardee meals
Individual snacks (pretzels, cheese crackers, pirate booty, fruit snacks etc)
Individual fruit servings/canned fruit
Individual applesauce
Individual cereals
Large cereal boxes
Cereal bars
Shelf Stable milk
Complete pancake mix
Peanut/Nut/Sun butters
Instant oatmeal
Granola bars
Individual raisin packs
Rice a roni
Hamburger/Tuna Helper/Boxed meals
Canned tuna/chicken
Canned vegetables
Juice boxes/milk (plain or chocolate) drink boxes
Toiletries (soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant)
Ziplock bags (sandwich, quart, gallon sizes)

Pantry School Enrichment List

Chair bands for desks
Wiggle seats
Jump ropes
Card games for kids
Recess balls (basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, dodge balls)
Disinfecting wipes
Hand sanitizer
Dry erase lapboards
Electric pencil sharpeners
Post-it notes
Scientific calculators
Index cards
Geometry compasses
Glue Sticks
Pencil pouches
Colored Pencils
Spiral notebooks

There is also a listing on Amazon for those interested in supporting in that way (This wish list is for Lake Elkhorn Middle School & Cradlerock Elementary schools’ food & supply pantry, benefiting those children who have weekend food needs as well as school supplies. Any donation helps!):

You can follow Linda’s Giving Basket on Facebook here for future updates:

It is great that our community has organizations like Linda’s Giving Basket and The Kindness Pantry (and many others) providing support for those in need in our county.

Scott E