Bernie Sanders wins the New Hampshire primary yesterday. This was not a big surprise based on recent polling. Here is where things stand as of this morning per CNN:

It is being reported that Yang and Bennet have decided to drop out of the race (maybe a good call).

Some notable items from the results:

  • Klobuchar ends up in 3rd…and in a big way. Wait…did Scott E’s Blog write that this might happen a couple of days ago…oh yes I did!!!
  • Warren ends up in 4th and Biden all the way back in 5th and neither candidate breaks 10% (see the graphic above)…one has to wonder what these candidates and campaigns are thinking this morning.
  • Biden now has a 4th place finish and a 5th place finish in the first two states to decide the 2020 Democratic Primary….his supporters are loyal….but have to be a bit concerned at this point.
  • Tulsi Gabbard gets 3.3%…this fits with the polling numbers. I really thought she might do better in New Hampshire. It will be interesting to see if she can continue in this race going forward. Gabbard is the candidate this blog has been watching closely and will be bummed if she drops out of the race.

Next up on the calendar is the Nevada Caucuses on February 22nd. Let us all hope that those caucuses are not the dumpster fire that the Iowa caucuses were earlier this month.

Scott E