I reported on January 24th “Sean Ford files to run for Howard County Board of Education in District 1 in 2020” and today a blog reader gave me a heads up that Sean Ford had withdrew from the HoCoBOE race. So of course I went over the the State Board of Elections page to confirm and this is what is listed right now:

So I am not sure if that February 3rd date is correct (I know it is not for the filing date) but he is no longer in the race for Howard County Board of Education in District 1. I have reached out for comment from the candidate.

That race is now a head to head race between Christina Delmont-Small and Matthew D. Molyett. They will both will move beyond the Primary and both go on to the General Election cycle.

This should make candidate forums easy for District 1.

See all candidates running in all districts here:

Scott E