The New Hampshire Presidential Primary happens tomorrow (February 11th) and candidate Amy Klobuchar has to be excited about the most recent polling having her potentially in 3rd place. Here is recent polling data for New Hampshire via Real Clear Politics:

You can see in the latest two polls that Klobuchar is polling at 14% (ahead of both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in those two polls).

Sanders and Buttigieg look to be the clear leaders (per the polling) and the interesting race now looks to be for third place in New Hampshire.

If Klobuchar finishes in third place (or higher) it will be interesting to see if that ramps up her campaign for the upcoming caucuses and primaries later this month.

Now polling is just that…polling. We have seen polling be way off (remember the polling in the 2016 Presidential Election race)…but it is the main indicator we have as a preview of what might happen in these primaries. Click the image above to see the details of the recent polling.

I am already looking forward to watching the results come in tomorrow night.

Scott E