We finally have 100% of precincts reporting in Iowa and the winner is Pete Buttigieg. Here is a look at the final results:

Candidate Pct. SDEs Del.

Pete Buttigieg

26.2 % 564.02

Bernie Sanders

26.1 562.44

Elizabeth Warren

18.0 387.09

Joe Biden

15.8 341.16

Amy Klobuchar

12.3 264.20

Andrew Yang

1.0 22.23

Tom Steyer

0.3 6.76

Michael Bloomberg

0.0 0.20

Tulsi Gabbard

0.0 0.11

Michael Bennet

0.0 0.00

Deval Patrick

0.0 0.00


0.0 0.69


0.2 3.97

Bernie Sanders did get more total votes in Iowa that any other candidate:

I guess both Buttigieg and Sanders can claim victory in their own way.

Next up…New Hampshire. Polling suggests that Sanders is the favorite in New Hampshire:

Here are some of the things I will be watching for in the New Hampshire race:

  • Who wins (obviously the most important thing in this race)
  • How well Biden does in this race. As the candidate most think is the front runner…if he has a poor showing here what will that mean for his campaign?
  • How Warren does in this state. She at one time lead in the polling in New Hampshire (it has been a while since she was at the top of the polling).
  • Will someone outside of the top 4 have a big night (or at least better than expected)?

Should be interest on February 11th. Stay tuned to the blog for updates.

Scott E