Starting February 8, 2020 the XFL football season will kick off.

Eight teams will play a 10-week regular season and a two-week postseason consisting of two semifinal playoff games and a championship game on April 26.

The season lasts just 79 days and will be a non-stop sprint from the first kick to the last down.

With these 5 Gameplay Innovations5 Timing Changes, and 5 Common Sense Rules, they are building on traditional football while preserving its authenticity.

5 Gameplay Innovations: Kickoff | Point-After Touchdown | Punt | Double-Forward Pass | Overtime

5 Timing Changes: 25-Second Play Clock | Comeback Period | Running Game Clock Timeouts | Replay Rulings

5 Common Sense Rules: One Foot Inbounds | Ball-Spotting Official | Coach-Player Communication | Simplified Illegal Man Downfield | Shorter Halftime

I like some of these rule changes…some I am still questionable on…but excited to see how it works in this first season.

Here is a preview video:

I have decided that my team will be the DC Defenders. They are local(ish) and have some players on the team I watched back in the day either in college or in other leagues. Some of the players I am looking forward to watching on this team include:

  • Cardale Jones (QB)
  • Rashad Ross (WR)
  • Donnel Pumphrey (RB)
  • Jhurell Pressley (RB)

Here is the DC Defenders promo video for the season:

Check back into the blog for future XFL news and updates…this my be my new sports thing to write about over the next 12 weeks.

Scott E