Iowa Caucuses Feels Like An Episode Of House Of Cards On Netflix

Wow…just wow is all I have this morning. I watched the major news entities last night and again this morning and we still do not have a winner on the Democrat side in Iowa. How the heck does that happen in this age of technology?

The only thing I could equate this morning to is the election episode of House of Cards…where things were rigged….I am not saying that is what happened in Iowa….but dang.

All candidates have left Iowa and gone to New Hampshire….without knowing at all who actually won in Iowa.

For those that think Iowa should not be first in this process…well that state just gave America a reason to say no more in the future. Will it change…probably not…but those in charge of the primary in Iowa should not be in charge in future elections. That is my opinion.

This is all wrong in every way it could be.

Hopefully later today or tomorrow (or at least in the near future) we will actually find out who won Iowa. Let us all hope it happens before February 11th (New Hampshire Primary date).

Keep an eye on the news…hopefully we get some information from that state.

Many political people will be annoyed today…you can count me as one.

Scott E

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One comment

  1. Sanders won, it’s just taking a while to fudge the numbers towards a Buttigeg victory in as believable a way as possible while still squeaking Biden into 15% that he didn’t earn. But hey, what’s wrong with a coin toss election? Mockracy.


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