19 candidates have filed to run for Howard County Board of Education in 2020

Now it is official…we have 19 candidates running for Howard County Board of Education in 5 districts. Here is the breakdown of candidates by district:

District 1:

  • Christina Delmont-Small
  • Matthew D. Molyett
  • Sean Ford

District 2:

  • Larry Pretlow
  • James Cecil
  • Antonia Barkley Watts

District 3:

  • Gian P Alfeo
  • Tom Heffner
  • Jolene Mosley

District 4:

  • Kirsten Coombs
  • Matt Levine
  • Sezin Palmer
  • Mike Sheer
  • Jen Mallo
  • Daniel J. Margolis

District 5:

  • Saif Rehman
  • Cindy Vaillancourt
  • Yun Lu
  • Gene Ryan

Here are some fun facts:

We have 3 candidates running for reelection in 2020: Christina Delmont-Small (District 1), Kirsten Coombs (District 4) and Jen Mallo (District 4)

We have 1 candidate previously on the HoCoBOE running again: Cindy Vaillancourt (District 5)

We have 1 candidate that ran in 2018 as was not elected giving it a go again this year: Saif Rehman (District 5)

We have 3 candidates that have run or filed for other offices now running for HoCoBOE: Larry Pretlow (ran for Delegate in D13 back in 2018), Matthew D. Molyett (ran for U.S. Congress in District 3 back in 2014) and Gene Ryan (filed and then withdrew his nomination for Howard County Council in District 3 in 2018).

Here are some of my ideas for covering the race in 2020:

1. Podcast interviews with every candidate interested. That is going to happen. I did this back in 2016 and in 2018 and I think I may be able to get most of the 19 candidates on the Podcast for an interview. This will be good so that readers / listeners will be able to hear directly from the candidates about the candidates and give me the opportunity to ask a couple of questions directly. You can listen to past interviews here: https://scotteblog.podbean.com/

2. A Scott E’s Blog (and maybe another co-host or two) Meet and Greet with the HoCoBOE candidates at the Ridgely’s Run Community Center. I think that space would be great for a meet and greet with candidates running on 2020. It will be NO COST for attendees…and an opportunity to meet with candidates from all 5 districts.

Stay tuned. I am in the early stages of planning these events but there does seem to be some real interest. My hope is to have the meet and greet in February or March (depending on space availability) and to start the Podcasts interviews in February.

I will be tracking and publishing about news and events of this election cycle for HoCoBOE here:  https://scotteblog.com/hocoboe-in-2020/

If you have other suggestions for me…let me know in the comments.

Scott E

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