ARTICLE UPDATE: I do not do this often…but feel like I should for this post…do not vote for this person in the 2020 Primary. This person has not participated or run an actual campaign this entire election season. A vote for this person will be a wasted vote. Be sure to check out the candidates actually running for office in District 4 here:

We have a new candidate for Howard County Board of Education in District 4: Daniel J. Margolis.

No website or social media listed on the filing. A quick Facebook search did not turn up a campaign page for this candidate.

Hopefully we get additional information about this candidate in the near future…because at this point I know nothing about him. If you have any information…let me know in the comments.

We now have 6 community members running in District 4 for HoCoBOE. Others include:

District 4:

  • Kirsten Coombs
  • Matt Levine
  • Sezin Palmer
  • Mike Sheer
  • Jen Mallo

This is THE race I will be watching closely. 6 candidates should make it a fun race in 2020…or fun for bloggers like me to report on through this process.

Scott E