Notes from the “behind closed door recess” during the redistricting final vote on November 21, 2019

HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-272 that was submitted on January 2nd was “completed” today with the release of notes from Howard County Board of Education members Jen Mallo, Kirsten Coombs and Vicky Cutroneo.

The request asked for: I am requesting any notes taken at any time and meeting minutes documented by Board of Ed members, Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and Board Administrators about the “behind closed door recess” (aka illegally closed meeting) during the redistricting final vote on November 21, 2019.

Here are those notes from that “behind closed door” session for your review: (Click images below to view the full PDF of the notes)

Jen Mallo:

Kirsten Coombs:

Vicky Cutroneo:

At this point we know what happened behind closed doors was an Open Meetings Act violation…I mean…the board admitted to it (READ HERE) and/or watch here:

Not sure what this does specifically except give the readers an opportunity to read the various accounts from three board members.

One thing I got out of it…it did not sound like a fun room to be in at the time.

Scott E

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  1. J. mallo and S.Taj bullied Coombs. This was clear and obvious. Mavis, being the chair, allowed all of this to happen and later provided misleading statement about how all of this is a “unintentional.” And it’s no surprise that these three (Mallo, Taj and Mavis) are not running for re-elections… They knew they could violate the law and get away with it! Outrageous!


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