Howard County Public School System Redistricting History

Howard County Board of Education member Vicky Cutroneo posted information on Facebook about the history of redistricting with HCPSS and the HoCoBOE….so I just had to grab it and document it here on the blog. Here is what she posted on January 22nd:

“One of the documents HCPSS shared with the Delegation today was a history of redistricting. I transcribed into a google spreadsheet so I could share as I thought it was pretty interesting.”

Here is a link to the spreadsheet she shared on Google Docs: CLICK HERE

I think this may give some reference as to why this past redistricting process was so difficult. The size and scope of the redistricting  plan(s) were bigger than this county had seen in the nearly 30 years of noted redistricting numbers in the spreadsheet.

Obviously these numbers do not tell the full story of what happened during this last redistricting process (because so many other factors played into the redistricting process this year)…but gives you some reference information…and will be something to reference when HS#13 comes online and our community goes through redistricting for that school in a couple of years.

Scott E

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