We have a new candidate for Howard County Board of Education in District 5: Gene Ryan.

I talked with the candidate on the phone and he told me the website will be online very soon. I also did a quick search on Facebook of the listed page…it is working…except it is not a page but a personal profile…something for the candidate to correct soon.

Article update: Information via the candidates Facebook page:


“ Ethical and Principled Leadership, that is how the President of George Washington University described Gene Ryan when he was recently honored for his decades of distinguished public service leadership.”

Friends, that service continues now. I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Howard County Board of Education. With your support, we will reshape the future of our public school system.

Our community demands accountability and deserves innovation, and I could not agree more. Let me be completely forthright, I do not represent any special interest group, and my involvement in our public-school system is not limited to any single issue. Instead, with more than 20 years of experience, I have worked to improve school systems and governments beyond expectations and for ALL children and families.

The hard truth is that our shared community was recently torn apart, but it wasn’t because of redistricting. That flawed process was the result of a much more significant challenge. Our shared sense of community was shattered due to poor leadership, a lack of accountability, and a board of education that seems to be wholly disconnected from the people they serve. Those same flaws are responsible for gaps in opportunity, achievement, and making sure children graduate being life ready.

This election is not about right or wrong, black or white, democrat or republican. My campaign is about setting an example for our children and establishing a clear course for the next steps to be taken.

I look forward to hearing what you think. I am also excited to share with each of you my thoughts and ideas on how we are going to move forward in a way we ALL want.

There is no shortage of people who are ready, able, and willing to identify problems within HCPSS. There is, however, a shortage of people who have meaningful and comprehensive solutions to fix the issues. The HCPSS Board of Education profoundly lacks experienced directors who understand a wide range of school administration issues and understand what it means to govern a 59,000-student school system.

I have the education, experience, and unique understanding to represent the needs of ALL children and families. With an annual school budget of approximately 1 billion dollars and growing, don’t you think we can do better? I do, and with your support, we will make that happen.

Here is testimony Gene Ryan provided during the redistricting process:

Gene Ryan filed to run for Howard County Council back in 2018 (as an Independent) but thought better of it in the end and withdrew from that race.

Here are the candidates that have filed and or announced they plan to run for HoCoBOE in 2020:

District 1:

  • Christina Delmont-Small

District 2:

  • Larry Pretlow
  • James Cecil
  • Antonia Barkley Watts

District 3:

  • Gian P Alfeo
  • Tom Heffner
  • Jolene Mosley

District 4:

  • Kirsten Coombs
  • Matt Levine
  • Sezin Palmer
  • Mike Sheer

District 5:

  • Saif Rehman
  • Cindy Vaillancourt
  • Yun Lu
  • Gene Ryan

Other currently elected officials on the HoCoBOE that are up for reelection include: Jen Mallo (District 4). I have seen no official announcement from this elected official as of this post. Mavis Ellis (District 4)  and Sabina Taj (District 1) have announced that they do not plan to seek reelection in 2020.

The filing deadline for candidates to enter this race is January 24, 2020 by 9:00pm. I am expecting a big field of candidates to run in 2020.

Be sure to stay up to date with candidate announcements and links to candidates websites and social media channels here:  https://scotteblog.com/hocoboe-in-2020/

If you plan on running for HoCoBOE in 2020 be sure to give me a heads up so I can make sure to list you on my tracking page.

Scott E