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Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects involved in four thefts from vehicles at Meadowridge Memorial Park cemetery in Elkridge and two more nearby in the 7800 block of Washington Boulevard since Dec. 6. In these cases, items including purses are stolen from the vehicles and credit cards are used at stores throughout the region. The suspects are described as black males driving a black Dodge Charger. Police believe these suspects may be involved in similar thefts in neighboring jurisdictions. Contact police at 410-313-STOP or with any information.


Please if you know anything…contact HCPD.


While these are not serious crimes…we as a community should be upset at the increasing crime rate in our county. We should be asking the question of why…and…what is being done to address it?

I like our current CE…I like our previous CE…I like our police department…but we should not take the “like” of those in power and be OK with the seriously increasing crime rate in our county. We should question it now before it gets out of control like it has in other jurisdictions around us.

That is where I am at with stories like the one above and the others that we seem to see on a regular basis in our county over the past year…here is an example via the crime log yesterday:


Elkridge, 21075: 7100 block of Ducketts Lane, Jan. 16 11:45 p.m.
An adult male victim reported that he exited his vehicle and was approached by two male suspects who displayed a handgun and stole his wallet, cell phone, and keys before fleeing. No one was injured. The investigation is ongoing.

SUSPECTS: two black males in their 20s wearing all black clothing, no further description


Yep…another gun related incident in HoCoMD!

I 100% believe our police department does all it can to prevent this stuff…and they (in my opinion) are open and honest with us when it comes to this stuff…but now it is up to our elected officials to come up with a plan to curtail it before it gets out of control (that is just my opinion).

I do not want a Netflix serious on Howard County (like that is out there about Flint, Michigan). Maybe that is just me.

Scott E


  1. WOw,
    Scottie, are you saying these guys just robbed some poor mourners and went about merrily buying gatorade at the nearby convenience store with the proceeds?

    You know what that means right? Please tell me you do. If not, then im afraid you are failing to see the big picture and just zooming in on the details or in bed with the leadership.

    These kinda brazen acts are all hallmarks of Bmore crime. We know they have been dumped en masse in HOCO. We see all the rising violent gun-toting crime (not your avg columbia petty crime). The question is, when will you confront CE Calvin Ball – the great facilitator of this exodus?. He has been on a mission to diversify the county with as much of his political base. How you a supposedly well-connected media source in HOCO can miss this is beyond me. This is the elephant in the room. The dems need to own it before it is out of control.

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