Campaign Finance Reports for Howard County Board of Education Candidates and Elected Officials

Look…money does not win elections…but is still an important indicator (at times) about a campaign for office. Here are the campaign finance numbers for those running for Howard County Board of Education or those elected to the HoCoBOE:

Here are my early notes about the filings:

Some candidates filed late in the process (after December 24th) and I have been told that if you filed after that date the candidate did not have to submit a report by January 15th. So that is why some numbers above are what they are (or not). We will see what the numbers are in March.

Christina Delmont-Small has County Council or State Delegate / Senate kind of numbers…so super impressive. I will be shocked if anyone opposes her in that race now.

Kirsten Coombs is the big money person in D4…a race to watch closely. She is not a lock in that race…but at the moment has some serious money. The shocker is how much money both Palmer and Sheer has already raised out there in this race. Watch this race closely.

Taj and Ellis have announced that they are not running in 2020. We still do not know for sure about Mallo at this point.

Here is a link where you can view the various campaign finance reports for HCoBOE candidates:

Here are some comments made on social media from candidates about their financial filings (that I have seen):


The Committee to Elect Christina Delmont-Small is pleased to share a very strong campaign finance report. In raising $27,421, almost all of which comes from Howard County, it is clear that Christina’s proven track record and vision for the future is resonating with the community. Our campaign is looking forward to continuing to share Christina’s 2020 platform across District 1. We want to specifically take this time to thank all those in the community who have engaged with our campaign, your advocacy and commitment to improving our school system inspires us every day. Your voices will be heard and Christina will continue to fight for you!

Larry Pretlow:

Our campaign just filed our 2020 Annual Report with Campaign Finance. While our report will require an amendment (to be filed within the next week or so), we are proud to disclose that we had $3,280.15 Cash on Hand (as of the end of the reporting period). We have since received a $1,000.00 contribution and a $2,000.00 candidate contribution. As of today 1/15, our campaign currently has $6,280.15 (Cash on Hand).

* Not forgetting to mention: We raised $6,782.00 during the reporting period. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our campaign!

Sezin Palmer:

Thank you, friends!!! We raised $7700 in just a couple of weeks – thank you for your generosity and support!!!

Saif Rehman:

Thank you for your overwhelming support in volunteering and contributions.

When I was a candidate for school board in 2018, the election was countywide and not an individual district. Being my first campaign, and being an independent candidate with no party affiliation, I wasn’t sure how much the race might cost. I was just a Howard County father of three young children in HCPSS who believed our school system were on the wrong path and needed a change from the status quo. Because I had means, I believed it was better to fund the campaign myself rather than ask others to pay.

My experience in 2018 taught me that I cannot do this alone. There are thousands of parents just like me in our community who want the same. It is only together that we can change the direction of our schools and together is the way I intend to earn the votes of the people of Howard County.

I am so grateful to the parents and community members who have already contributed over $5,500 to my campaign over the past month. We are on a path together to make great changes to school community and again make Howard County Schools one of the best in the country.


Trust me that I know we are very early in this process…but watching the money is a thing that I do…and I know more than anyone that money does not win elections….but it can be an indicator of what is to come.

Stay tuned…as I dig through these reports I will have more for you in the near future.

Scott E

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