Howard County Board of Education member Sabina Taj posted the following announcement today:

Dear Members of the Howard County Community,

I am honored to have served on the Howard County Board of Education over the past year and proud of the slow but important progress we have made to create a more equitable school system.

I ran for Board of Education because I believe our school system, while great in many respects, can better serve our students and community. As someone who has worked in education and been an advocate for public schools for more than a decade, I wanted to bring my experience and perspective to this important work.


Over the past year I have fought to improve the health and wellbeing of our students and schools; to ensure that representation among the community’s many stakeholders reflects the community as a whole; to support our outstanding educators; and to advance the essential work of educational equity.

Today, I am announcing that I will not run for another term on the Board at this time.

The negativity and division that has taken place in our community, particularly with respect to redistricting, saddens me. The Board will always make decisions that some in the community may disagree with, but every member of this body acts with the best interests of all students in mind. I’m hopeful that the personal attacks and vitriol on social media and at meetings will not become an acceptable element of public discourse and community engagement. Public servants deserve our respect and support.

I hope to have an impact moving forward by helping the community heal and grow. All of us in Howard County must do our part to make running for the Board of Education, or for any public office, an honorable thing to do as it is an incredibly important, rewarding job. To all who voted for me, I am honored to have served.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported my campaign and tenure on the Board. Your support means so much to me personally, and it has made a significant difference for our community. I look forward to serving the remainder of my term, during which time I will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our kids.


Sabina Taj


This announcement means that at least two current members of the HoCoBOE will not seek reelection (Mavis Ellis is the other) and two members are seeking reelection (Christina Delmont-Small and Kirsten Coombs) and we are still waiting on an official announcement from Jen Mallo.

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Scott E