The Howard County Board of Education and the Howard County Council are scheduled to have a joint meeting this morning at 9:30am. Here is the agenda for that meeting:

1. Long-term plan to remedy the Health and Dental Fund Deficit

2. Capacity solutions at existing schools with current and projected capacities

3. Farms/Title I Schools – Resource allocations and comparisons to other system schools for both public and private resources (such as Booster Clubs, PTA, and external investments, payments, etc.)


You can watch the meeting online here:

On item 1 on the agenda…I would guess that the requested Emergency Legislation request will be discussed “Howard County Board of Education responds to letter from County Executive concerning request for Emergency Legislation” as well as items noted in the HCPSS Superintendent Proposed Operating Budget.

On item 2…I am not 100% sure what this discussion will be…maybe a discussion about expanding the capacity sizes of our current schools to handle to ever increasing number of new students entering the school system?

On item 3…This may be the item on the agenda I am most interested in hearing the discussion today. The use and allocation of “private resources” is a topic I have seen discussed by some locally and it will interesting to hear what is said today.

I will not be at the meeting or watching live (I have other work meeting this morning) but will be sure to watch the video tomorrow morning when it is online.

Scott E