Noted on the agenda for the Howard County Board of Education meeting on January 9th is the following “Presentation of the Superintendent’s Proposed FY21 Operating Budget (Michael Martirano)”. This presentation is scheduled to happen at 7:00pm.

Looking at BoardDocs this is what is listed on that agenda item. No details as of this post. Bummer.

Last year the HCPSS Superintendent FY2020 operating budget proposal was $998.4 million and represented an increase of $136.1 million, or 15.8 percent over FY2019 budget.

The BIG ask last year in the presentation was from the County Executive and County Council to increase funding by more than $120 million over FY2019 funding:


What the school systems ended up with was $901.3 million, an overall increase of $39.0 million or 4.5 percent compared to the FY2019 budget. The County portion rose $7 million over FY2019 (but remember, FY2019 had a one time $10 million addition…so some had stated that the baseline amount actually rose by $17 million in FY2020…I guess it is all how you look at that funding).

Here are the “funding” charts in the last 4 approved HCPSS budget documents:

So from FY2016 to FY2020 we have seen the HCPSS operating budget grow from $776.3 million to $901.3 million.

The big questions I have before the presentation is…will the ask finally go over $1 billion for the total budget? How big a jump is the HCPSS asking from the County Executive and County Council next year?

Check back to the blog on the 10th and I should have a summary of information for my readers.

Scott E