Savage Volunteer Fire Company Squad 6 Makes Multiple Rescues at Apartment Fire in Laurel

Photo Credit: Savage Volunteer Fire Company

Information from post on Savage Volunteer Fire Company website:

0242 hours this morning (January 3rd) units from Savage were alerted to assist on the apartment fire with reported multiple occupants trapped in the 9100 block of Scott Adam Court in Laurel. Units arrived to find heavy fire on all three floors with multiple people trapped. Squad 6, staffed with 5 volunteers, removed two unconscious victims from the main fire apartment and five other victims via ground ladders from the third floor balconies while Engine 61 and Chief 6B were assigned to the third floor to assist with fire attack. In total, 11 victims were rescued.

14 Volunteer/Career Members responded.

Units: Rescue Squad 6, Engine 61, Paramedic 65, Chief 6B, Chief 6A

See more photos here:

More information via social media:

Scott E

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