Six additional appeals filed with Maryland State Board of Education relating to HCPSS redistricting

Photo via HoCo Families for Education Improvement Facebook post

The group Families for Education Improvement (HoCo-FEI) announced that they have assisted in filing six appeals to the Maryland State Board of Education relating to the Howard County Public School System redistricting process. Here is a Facebook post from December 24th with information:

Link to all SIX appeals to the State BOE:…
Thanks to the FEI legal team! Led by Lorraine Lawrence-Whittaker, Mary Poteat and assisted by Indira Sharma, Susan Pittinger Levine, Michelle McGeough, and others (including Marybeth Steil). WE NEED MORE FUNDS TO CONTINUE. Please give generously to the FEI Legal Fund. Thank you!…/FamiliesforEducationImprov…/general…

The document listed above has all of the submitted paperwork and is 190 pages…so not a short read.

At this point I know of seven appeals submitted to the Maryland SBOE relating to HCPSS redistricting…the first being “Appeal filed with Maryland State Board of Education to void the HCPSS redistricting plan“.

There is also a petition before the Howard County Circuit Court “Petition filed for immediate Injunction and Other Relief for OMA violation in Howard County Redistricting” relating to polygons 132, 1132, and 2132.

I will do my best to continue to track the activities and decisions when they are announced. The next scheduled Maryland State Board of Education meeting is January 28, 2020.

Scott E

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  1. Is there any accounting of the costs to prepare all these documents or are people just being asked to throw money in without any information. I can really see Lorraine Lawrence-Whittaker as the only one truly benefitting from this whole process.


  2. About time we see more of these legal challenges to this Kangaroo Board in HoCo.

    Jared, did it occur to you that in a civil society, seeking legal representation is not only a benefit but a RIGHT to all citizens? To say only the lawyer monetarily benefits is short-sighted and betrays your knowledge of civics in any free society. It is like saying only benefactors to your 2 cents is BGE who make $$ each time you sit in front of your laptop and type away.
    Or better yet, next time you get arrested, say those same words. Let the rest of us challenge and question authority. It makes for a healthier nation.


    • Dude, I’m a lawyer and I’m pretty sure I know way more about civics than you do. The whole point of my post was that it does not appear FEI is being forthcoming about its finances. They have asked for money over and over and over again yet I don’t see any accounting of where that money is going. From my perspective, it appears that the legal team is trying to make what is a simple process look incredibly complicated so they can ask for even more money. I want to know exactly how the donated funds are being spent and who is profiting here.


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