We have our first candidate from District 3 running for Howard County Board of Education in 2020 (Gian P Alfeo). I do not have a lot of information yet on this candidate.

He does not list a website but does have a Facebook page for this campaign:

Under the about section of the Facebook page it lists the following information:

Gian Alfeo is running for HoCO BOE in 2020! He is not a political insider, he is here for the children! He has been a Columbia resident for over 30 years. Father of 2, Security Expert, Veteran, and Local Business Investor.

Gian Alfeo has been a Columbia resident for over 30 years. He is the child of immigrants and raised on good work ethic, fiscal conservancy, and honesty. He is a proud graduate of Oakland Mills High School.

He is an Army Veteran and professional Security Specialist by trade. He is a local business investor and helps operate the family child care center in Clarksville.

He is the father of two who attend Howard County Public Schools. One is in Middle School and the other Elementary School. His oldest son has special needs and is on the spectrum.

About Me

He is not a political insider, he is here for the children. He has been very unhappy with the way Howard County Public Schools have been operating for a very long time for the following reasons:

1) He has seen gross negligence in the Special Education department of HCPSS since he is the father of a child with special needs.

Gian wants to give parents with children with special needs a voice at the table. These children need a voice because honestly right now HCPSS doesn’t meet their needs.

2) He is tired of his community of District 3 being ignored by HCPSS. The schools are in a state of disrepair and teacher moral is low.

Have you been to Cradlerock Elementary lately? How about Lake Elkhorn Middle? Hammond High School? These schools need help. They are aging, falling apart, and teacher morale is low. These schools are more than high FARM schools. These are children that HCPSS ignores. These of teachers who are ignored.

Gian Alfeo wants District 3 to have a voice. He wants these schools treated fairly. These are children not FARM numbers!

3) The redistricting has been a nightmare. A plan was push through with no regards for existing communities. The plan was not researched and the current BOE ignored the plan they paid over $400,000.

Gian Alfeo is in favor of redistricting to balance capacity. That is a part of helping schools. He is not, however, in favor of any plan that ignores communities, natural boundaries, or shipping FARM children around the county. Why did HCPSS commission an expert to develop of redistricting plan and then completely ignore it? Why did they waste $400,000 to just go rogue and develop their own plan with unreliable data? Do you realize what $400,000 could accomplish if put into the classroom? Gian Alfeo wants answers and he wants that to change.

4) The spending for HCPSS is out of control. Money should be spent in the classroom, not at Central Office. The BOE currently contracts millions of dollars for outside contractors for data and plan suggestions they don’t even use.

There is a reason the County Executive and our State Senators are calling for an audit of HCPSS. The Budget and spending is out of control. The money isn’t going to the children. The money isn’t being spent in the classroom or on buildings in varying states of disrepair. The money is being wasted on inflated Central Office salaries, legal fees, and to commission experts who they ignore anyways. They are cutting services to children with special needs and cutting in classroom help like teachers and paraprofessionals. Why?

Gian Alfeo wants to change that. Gian is a fiscal conservative looking to bring this thinking to the BOE. Cut wasteful spending and put the money back into the Classroom. Spend the money to repair and replace old schools. Build new schools to relieve over crowding!

5) The current BOE ignores and disrespects the people who elected them. They are overly political and do not care about the children’s best interests. They was focused on party and self interests.

Gian Alfeo is not here for political gain. He is here for the children. Political party influence has no place in the classroom or on the BOE. Education and our children’s best interests should come first. Adults egos should be placed aside and should focus on our children!

I will continue to track and list all candidate that file to run for HoCoBOE in 2020 here:
Scott E


  1. OK. Not bad at all actually. The guy seems to talk the talk and hit a number of key points in his declaration speech.
    I dont know who is going against on the board, but from his speech, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat over the bandits in office.

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