How much money will it take to keep Tablott Springs ES and Hammond HS projects moving forward this year?

I swear I watch and listen to the discussions about the HCPSS capital budget and try and not get upset when it comes to Talbott Springs ES and Hammond HS projects…then I watch and listen to it…and then I lose it.

We were told OVER and OVER that the gap is $21 million based on the money we did not get from the state…but is that really the number? Watch this video and you tell me:

So is the number $21 million or $14 million. If you cut the “systemic renovation” number by $7 million…that should change all of the numbers…right…yet we continue to get told that the gap was $21 million.

Here is what HoCoBOE member Chao Wu shared and what was discussed and shared in the meeting on the 17th:

I get the total ask is $99 million from local and state.

I get the state only gave us $23.5 million.

I get that the gap appears to be $21 million based on the document above.

I do not get how when HCPSS staff say that they cut the “systemic renovations” to $13.9 million that the gap discussed did not drop in the discussion on the 17th.

Maybe I am missing something. I am trying my best to follow all of this from the outside as a resident of this county…but the numbers are the numbers (as stated by HCPSS staff in the meeting)…so I expect those staff members to get the numbers correct when presenting those numbers.

We should all reach out to our local elected members and state elected members to advocate more money for our school system. Hammond and Talbott Springs should not CONTINUE to be kicked down the road for other projects or for lack of funding.

I also hope that the HCPSS gets better at presenting numbers in public meetings. They do not have a great reputation at presenting good numbers and what was presented a few days ago looks bad once again (to me).

If I am missing some aspect of all of this…let me know in the comments. Again…just trying my best to follow it all and report out the best I can.

Scott E

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