Howard County Board of Education Elections to Chair and Vice Chair for 2020

The Howard County Board of Education gave it another go (on December 17th) at electing the Chair and Vice Chair positions for 2020 after failing to elect a member on December 5th.

The evening started off like it did on December 5th with HoCoBOE member Sabina Taj nominating HoCoBOE member Mavis Ellis to retain the position of Chair and HoCoBOE member Kirsten Coombs nominating HoCoBOE member Vicky Cutroneo to Chair. Then two votes happened that both ended in ties (just like it did December 5th).

After advice from council that stated ongoing ties would keep current elected officials in their positions (Ellis as Chair and Coombs as Vice Chair) HoCoBOE member Cutroneo withdrew her nomination.

Then the Superintendent stated “Since there’s only one person nominated, I cast a ballot for the group and declare Mavis Ellis dully elected to be the chair of Board of Education for Howard County”.

After that the vote for Vice Chair happened…HoCoBOE member Jen Mallo nominated HoCoBOE member Cutroneo to Vice Chair and HoCoBOE member Taj nominated HoCoBOE member Mallo. After the votes were counted HoCoBOE member Cutroneo was announced as the winner of Vice Chair.

So there you have it…we have our newly elected Chair and Vice Chair for 2020…not without some controversy…but they are in these positions for the next year.

When the video is available I will share a link (later today).

Scott E

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