Today is the deadline for parents to opt in: 2020-21 School Placements and Redistricting Exemptions. For anyone thinking you will get a pass…the school system posted this yesterday on social media (Families of eligible students, the redistricting exemption process must be completed by Friday. Log in to HCPSS Connect to make your selection.):


The exemptions apply to the following groups of students:

Current 4th grade students
Current 7th grade students
Current 10th grade students
Current 11th grade students
30/60 credit JumpStart students
Students with an IEP, as of 11/21/2019
Students with a 504, as of 11/21/2019
Students with at least one custodial parent on active military duty


I know I was sent this “HCPSS communication to parents wishing to opt in to the redistricting exemptions” but I am still concerned.

Seriously tell your friends, family, neighbors and anyone you know that today is the deadline. I am seriously concerned (based on the tweet yesterday) that you may not get another opportunity after today.

I am sad that this was sent out from the school system yesterday without more information. I am still not a fan that paper forms were not sent home with kids that may be affected by this redistricting process.

I know what has been said by some in meetings and other communications…but that post yesterday tells me that the deadline may be a hard deadline.

Scott E