Petition filed for immediate Injunction and Other Relief for OMA violation in Howard County Redistricting


The following information was sent to Scott E’s Blog via email:

On December 11th, Howard County resident Dimitrov filed for a Petition for Injunctive and Other Relief Pursuant to the Open Meeting Act in the Circuit Court of Howard County (Dimitrov v. Board of Education of Howard County).

The complaint derives from the board going into a closed session during an open meeting during voting on Howard County’s controversial and contentious redistricting plan on November 21, 2019. Such a closed meeting is a direct and willful violation of the Maryland Open Meetings, or sunshine law, that requires public bodies to have discussions in public, in the light of day. The goal of the act is to increase the public faith, ensure accountability, and enhance democratic participation.

The plaintiff, amongst other relief, requests an immediate injunction to prevent the board from moving forward with any and all redistricting while the OMA violation is decided. The plaintiff requests that the final action of the board with respect to polygons 132, 1132, and 2132 be voided, as well as voiding all subsequent votes in the meeting.

A legal fund has been set-up to support the families affected:

Dimitrov is represented by Shavina Kumar Mukesh, Esquire, ( and Edward Tayter, Esquire (

For more on the Owen Brown 32s:

For more on the Maryland Open Meetings Act:

Here is the filing document:


I expect this will not be the only filing as I have seen social media posts from FEI and HoCoKids raising funds for potential lawsuits.

If I receive information that they have been filed with the courts I will try and get out additional information at that time.

Scott E

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