Howard County Board of Education Ratification of Vote on Redistricting On December 17th

The Howard County Board of Education (HoCoBOE) has added a new item to the agenda for their meeting on December 17th (Ratification of Vote on Redistricting):

This item was added on December 11th (per the PDF).

I have seen many online speculate that this added agenda item is related to the closed meeting that happened on December 10th in which one of the agenda items was “Open Meetings Act Complaint 20-15”.

I speculated that the above agenda item on the 10th was related to “Did the Howard County Board of Education Violate The Open Meetings Law And What Does That Mean Going Forward Relating To Redistricting?

On December 11th a “Petition filed for immediate Injunction and Other Relief for OMA violation in Howard County Redistricting“. I can not say if this action had anything to do with the change in the upcoming agenda.

Basically I have no additional information from the school system or the various HoCoBOE members as to why this has been added to the agenda for the 17th…only speculation right now (when provided no direct information this is what happens)…but it has to do with something…because I do not believe this is normal practice nor something that we were told would happen throughout this process.

I do not believe anything will change with the “Ratification of Vote on Redistricting” but it will be interesting to hear the discussion as to why they have added that agenda item and taking that vote on December 17th. I will also continue to monitor the various social media accounts of the HoCoBOE members both before and after the vote in case any board members or the school system makes a statement related to this topic.

Stay tuned folks…I may have a video for you to view and additional information after the meeting on the 17th.

If you have any knowledge on this topic…or thoughts as to why they added this agenda item…let me know in the comments (on the blog or via social media).

Scott E

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