The Maryland Democratic Party hosts a weekly podcast that is a “deep dive into Maryland politics, national news, and the political strategies”. Their latest podcast (episode 22) they had Howard County State’s Attorney Rich Gibson as their guest. Here is a little bit about that episode:

Ep. 22: When Posting Your Crimes on Instagram Goes Wrong

ft. Howard County State’s Attorney Rich Gibson. (2:00) Rich talks about his work in Baltimore’s Major Investigations Unit. (5:00) Rich discusses his path to becoming a prosecutor in Maryland. (8:00) Arinze & Rich talk about Rich’s experience prosecuting gun crimes in Baltimore’s famed F.I.V.E. Unit and the investigation and prosecution techniques he picked up along the way. (15:00) Arinze asks about Rich’s experience transitioning from trial attorney to an executive. (18:45) Rich opens up about the Dorsey case where an intoxicated man mistakenly entered Mr. Doresy’s home by force and was shot to death. Rich details why he declined to prosecute Dorsey. (26:00) Rich says they are working to engage the community as a proactive crime prevention measure– which includes developing partnerships to bring a Boys & Girls Club to Howard County. (32:25) Arinze asks for Rich’s take on the importance of prosecutorial discretion. (50:00) The conversation wraps with a discussion on police brutality, and the agreement Rich formalized with Montgomery County ensuring that the counties would investigate one another’s police involved death cases.

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Their previous recording (episode 21) was with Maryland State Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary (District 13). Here is a little about that show:

ft. Del. Vanessa Atterbeary (D-13), Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. The episode opens with a deep dive on the importance of Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs) and philanthropic social organizations that the black professionals use to network and advance their careers (2:25). Vanessa reveals ways to find a job working in state politics in Annapolis (15:26). From there the conversation turns to Vanessa career path and her decision to run for office (24:30). Arinze asks about the obstacles women face when they decide to run– Vanessa doesn’t disappoint with her answer about overcoming those obstacles (34:00). The conversation wraps with an examination of the sea change that has taken place in the House Judiciary Committee since Vanessa was tapped as Vice Chair.

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It is good to see elected officials from Howard County out and about talking about important issues. I hope many more locally elected officials are on the show in the future.

If MD Dems Podcast is ever looking to talk local politics with a local blogger…be sure to hit me up.

My one critique of the show…the podcast recordings are over an hour long. A lot of good information is discussed but that might be a bit long for most people in this day and age. Something to think about going forward.

Scott E