Closed Meeting of the Board of Education of Howard County on December 10th

There is a closed meeting of the Board of Education of Howard County scheduled for today at 4:30pm. On the agenda:

A. Open Meetings Act Complaint 20-15

B. Personnel – An Individual Matter

C. Personnel – Ethics Panel Findings

D. Chesney, et al. vs Howard County Board of Education


I can guess that item A is related to Did the Howard County Board of Education Violate The Open Meetings Law And What Does That Mean Going Forward Relating To Redistricting? It is a guess…but I think a good one.

No information about items B or D at this time.

Article update….maybe relating to item D “Howard County Board of Education Has Been Sued“. Not 100% certain…but maybe related. The case noted in that article has been going on since 8/17/18. There are updates in case search as recent as 12/6/19.

Item C might be related to HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-229 “Seeking a copy of a communication issued 11/21 from the Ethics Panel to the Board of Education”. Before you run out and MPIA who MPIA’d that request…it was me.

A blog reader sent me the information contained in the letter (including the part blacked out in the MPIA request) to the HoCoBOE members before it was even sent out to the HoCoBOE members. I was trying to validate the authenticity of the information in case I decided to write up a story. I requested the information and it turned into an MPIA request.

I will not share the information sent to me at this time. As the HCPSS has determined that it is not for release to the public I will respect that decision.

Members from the HCPSS Ethics Panel did reach out to me asking about that information. I told them how I received the information but declined to provide who sent me that information. To be 100% honest I can not 100% verify if the name and contact information are correct…as anyone can create a free email address and associate a name to that address these days.

I now wonder if I will hear more about it in the future. If I do, I will let you know.

Again…it is only a guess that this is what they might be discussing…of course, it might be something else all together.

Scott E

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