The Howard County Council had a very interesting nomination and vote for Howard County Zoning Board for 2020. This has been discussed a bit in certain circles and I thought it would be a good idea to share the video of the nomination, discussion and vote.

A reporter for the Howard County Times used the word “contentious” when talking about the discussion that happened that evening and Elevate Maryland Podcast discussed this vote in their latest episode (episode 75).

Here is the video of the nomination, discussion and vote (a little over 18 minutes long)

In the end the Chairperson selected was Opel Jones, District 2 and the Vice Chairperson chosen was David Yungmann, District 5.
Things that stood out to me:
  • The nomination process was odd and seemed rushed early on in the video
  • The discussion about “qualifications” was interesting to hear and I thought it took an odd turn throughout the discussion
  • The final vote was not the norm for selecting Chairs and Vice Chairs for the positions the council members hold (the lone Republican on the Council ended up being the swing vote for Chair of the Zoning Board)

I have my own opinions about all of this…but I wanted to provide the video so you can watch the discussion happen and make your own opinions.


A bit of history…previous Chair’s of the Zoning Board include (information based on the documents on this page:

2019: Liz Walsh

2018: Jen Terrasa

2017: Jen Terrasa

2016: Jen Terrasa

2015: Calvin Ball

2014: Mary Kay Sigaty (information provided from blog reader)

2013: Courtney Watson

2012: Jen Terrasa

2011: Jen Terrasa

2010: Jen Terrasa

2009: Calvin Ball

2008: Jen Terrasa

2007: Mary Kay Sigaty

2006: Guy Guzzone

2005: ??? (I am not sure…no decision documents listed for 2005)

2004: Ken Ulman

Here is a listing of all assignments made for the next year relating to the Howard County Council:

Have thoughts…let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. The real issue I feel was not lawyer or not. Jung and Walsh were concerned, rightfully, that the other 3 members had not found a development control Bill they liked. I believe they felt that citizens going to the Zoning Board need support from the Chair/Co-Chair to have their concerns heard with Developer lawyers and consultants on the other side. Unfortunately this won’t happen with Jones and Yungmann.

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