The NFL has sent a letter to Hysteria Brewing Company (located in Columbia, MD) regarding Unauthorized Use of NFL Marks.

Here is the letter that Hysteria posted on Facebook:

Noted in the letter: “It recently came to our attention that Hysteria Brewing Company (“Hysteria Brewing Co.”) engaging in unauthorized use of NFL Marks, including those owned by the Ravens, on product packing and on various promotional materials, including Hysteria Brewing Co.’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Examples of such unauthorized packaging and promotional materials are enclosed with this letter.”


“Absent permission from NFLP or the appropriate Member Club, NFL Marks (which include, among other things, team names, nicknames. slogans, uniforms, and helmet designs) may not be used commercially or in any other manner that may confuse the public into believing that your company or its products are authorized, endorsed by, or have a sponsorship or other affiliation with the NFL or an NFL Member Club.”

Here is a photo of the branding design of concern posted by Hysteria on Facebook:

That was a quick turn around from the NFL…image posted on December 3 and the letter from the NFL was dated December 5.

On the Facebook post that contained the letter…Hysteria Brewing Company posted “I had to block out the logo of a football league in the nation, but this is what happens when you celebrate your favorite team’s success. Also, seriously, this paper actually smells amazing. Shows they have a ton of money and I’m glad they know who we are now.”

Hopefully Hysteria can come up with an equally creative design for their new MVP American Double IPA product.

Scott E


  1. Save those labels before they switch to the alternate design. Might be a collector’s item someday. And by the way, screw the NFL. They’re a habit I wish I could break.

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