Howard Magazine Best of Howard County 2019 Results Released

This morning Howard Magazine’s Best of Howard County 2019 results were released.

The Baltimore Sun accepted nominations in August for Best of Howard County 2019 and ran the online survey in September. According to the Baltimore Sun “More than 38,000 votes were cast” this year. Winners were determined by popular vote.

Here are a few items that caught my eye:

Blog: Scott E’s Blog

I really want to thank everyone that voted for Scott E’s Blog. This is the first time the blog has won this award. The blog readership has gone up significantly in 2019 and I will try my best to continue to keep readers up to date with various happenings around the county.

Housecleaners: The Neat Nest Maids

I am familiar with this business and was glad to see them win in this category.

Art gallery: HorseSpirit Arts Gallery

This art gallery has gone through a lot with the floods in EC and then moving to a new location in Savage. Happy to see them win this category this year.

Computer repair: Gadget Guru — Columbia

If you ever need your iPhone repaired this is the place to go. My daughter and I have both gone to this business after cracking our screens on our iPhones. They do outstanding work. Congrats to Gadget Guru.

ScottE Software did get honorable mention in this category. I appreciate everyone that voted for ScottE Software.

Family lawyer: Mulinazzi Law Office

I saw a post on Facebook stating that this law office has won this award for three consecutive years. Congrats.

I was happy to see Ruben Law on the honorable mention in this category.

Elected official: County Executive Calvin Ball

No surprise here. Our County Executive has done a lot in his first year and remains very popular in the county. Other elected officials with honorable mention include (Del. Vanessa Atterbeary, Sen. Guy Guzzone, Councilman David Yungmann and Councilwoman Liz Walsh).

Principal: David Burton, Glenelg High School

Principal Burton was the principal at Long Reach High when my daughter attended (for the first three years she was at that school) and I am not at all surprised by this principal winning in this category. Principal Burton was loved by the students at LRHS.

Funny to also see that the current principal at Long Reach High (Joshua R. Wasilewski) is also on this list with honorable mention in 2019. Principal Wasilewski was my daughters principal in her final year at Long Reach High.

I am now starting to think my kid was a bit spoiled to have two such great principals oversee her school while she attended (LOL).

There are many other winners in other categories so be sure to check them all out here:

Scott E

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