Howard County Board of Education Member Vicky Cutroneo shared an upcoming agenda item that is planned to be discussed on December 5th relating to Hammond High School and Talbott Springs Elementary School:

Here is the frustrating thing noted in the agenda item: “On August 28, 2019, Dr. Martirano met with the County Executive to continue our collaboration on the Capital Budget. At the meeting Dr. Ball informed the Superintendent that he expects his proposed funding level for FY 2021 to be similar to prior year funding levels, and that HCPSS should expect the County’s contribution to be between $41 million and $47 million. Since the submission of the Board’s requested Capital Budget, this expectation has not been revised. Due to the unaltered expectation for County funding contributions and the capital project timelines, a direction is needed for the continuation of Hammond HS and Talbott Springs ES”.

How many more years will we continue to kick this can down the road for both Hammond and Talbott Springs? Who do we blame if the necessary items are cut again this year? Is it the fault of the school system, the board of education or the county? Someone will have to own this if it is not funded AGAIN this year.

Stay tuned folks…maybe I found my issue going forward.

There is a Facebook group for Hammond HS: Hammond High School Renovations & Addition NOW. Be sure to join the group and follow along as this moves forward and find out what some in the community are doing to advocate on this issue.

Scott E