On November 22nd State’s Attorney for Howard County Rich Gibson announced the following:

One of the issues I campaigned on was improving the accessibility of the State’s Attorney’s Office. To that end I am pleased to announce that our new website is up and running. You can find it at There you can find information about the office, our structure, how to contact us, and court information about the scheduling of upcoming cases.


I have has a chance to look over the new website and it is nice. Built using WordPress, the site has a number of links with information for residents of Howard County.


I personally like the “Press Releases” section of the site. This will make it much easier to track stories of interest to my readers.

I am also a fan of the “Court Case Information” sections of the site.

Do you have suggestions about other information that the site should contain? Let me know in the comments (and be sure to let State’s Attorney for Howard County know as well

Scott E