Three new amendments were filed relating to CB64-2019 (Howard County Plastic Bag Fee/Tax). Here is a breakdown of each amendment:

Amendment 1 from Councilmember Jones:

On page 2, in line 6, strike “10%” and substitute “20%”.

This would double the money that stores are allowed to keep from the punitive fee (to 1 cent for every bag they distribute to you and I at checkout. The other 4 cents would go to the county).

Amendment 2 from Councilmember Jones:

On page 4, in line 19, strike “July 1, 2020” and substitute “October 1, 2020”.

This would push back the start of this punitive fee on shoppers to October 1, 2020.

Amendment 3 from Councilmember Jung:

This Amendment bans disposable plastic bags beginning July 1, 2021

This would switch the punitive fee on shoppers to a ban on plastic bags starting in July of 2021.


I am not a fan of amendment 1…I do not understand why they are doubling the money to stores that provide plastic bags.

I am a fan of amendment 2…more time may be needed for stores to get ready to implement this law.

I am a SUPER fan of amendment 3. I personally wish the entire bill was switched over to this amendment. If this amendment is passed…I can get behind and support this legislation. If it is not…then we all will really see what CB64-2019 is really all about (MONEY).

Stay tuned folks…I promise to follow this until the end.

Scott E


  1. Plastic bags have less carbon footprint than reusable bags.

    The plastic bags made are recycable and if they are LDPE, low density polyethelene, a reusable cotton bag would need to be reused THOUSANDS of times to have the same footprint. Test have shown that reusable bags will degrade before reaching those numbers. Furthermore, plastic bags are recycable unlike a lot of the reusable bags being used.

    The bill is obviously short-sided and should just require LDPE bags. This is just a money grab so Calvin Ball can throw more swank parties with tax payer money every year.

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