The Howard County Board of Education will meet today at 4:00pm and a final vote is scheduled on the Approval of Attendance Area Adjustment Plan (or better known as the redistricting process). See the agenda here:

I looked again this morning (on BoardDocs) before writing this article and still have not seen the following items in advance of the vote this afternoon:

  • New maps for high, middle and elementary schools based on what was decided in all of the work sessions.
  • A full listing of polygon moves between schools with number of students in each of those moves.
  • An updated listing of estimated capacity for each school.
  • An updated listing of estimated students on FARMs at each school.
  • An updated listing of feeds for each school.

The lack of information to the public (and at times to the board members) has been one of the biggest frustration points (for me) trying to follow along with everything that is happening in this process. How can there be a vote tonight without all of this information? Maybe the school system has it…maybe the board members have it…me sitting here in the public watching all of this does not have access to the items above this morning (that I know of). Again…frustrating.

Here is what I know as of this morning:

The Straw Poll on Monday passed 5 – 2 and so their is no reason to think that the plan will not be approved today. More than 5,000 children will be moved to new schools if the current plan is approved.

There still is the outstanding question of “Move to direct the Superintendent to provide costs for exempting rising 8th and 5th graders” but I have a feeling that it will not pass this afternoon. That is just my feeling and goodness knows I have been wrong before but my guess is it fails to go anywhere this afternoon.

We have maps created by a county resident based on the various proposals in the HoCoBOE work sessions. You can search by polygon number or address. Thanks goodness we have residents that are interested enough in this process to help provide the type of information we need during this confusing process.

I am sure I will follow up with a post tomorrow with the final outcomes of the meeting today. So stay tuned…

Scott E


  1. Thank you for all the updates! It is definitely hard to follow what is happening and very very frustrating! Watching the live feed last week was just.. was just… really no words for it. They should have continued to discuss the issues and find solutions by extending the meetings but instead are going ahead today with their plans. School doesn’t start until August …… informed decisions are very important for it impacts the students of the county greatly.

  2. I suspect one point of confusion that may arise from the release of this plan is the fate of rising juniors. The Board voted to exempt rising juniors from the redistricting on October 17, as you reported (along with The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post). However, HCPSS continues to point the community to a FAQ that only mentions the exemption of rising seniors (by extant policy). HCPSS needs to make it clear on their website that both juniors and seniors are exempt.

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